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Gathering of Blackbirds-book 1 in the Blackbird Trilogy

When fifteen-year- old Emily Moore buys a necklace at a thrift shop, she didn’t expect that purchase would land her in the middle of an ancient struggle between powers of lost civilizations.

 It isn’t until she saves Gabe, a fellow classmate and a boy she hardly knows, from two strangers that drifted into the small Midwest town of St. Francis, does she realizes the danger she had fallen into.  This is Emily’s first encounter with the Alliances Creed, a group devoted to securing magical implements. 

  Now, caught red-handed with a magical pendant, Emily must prove her innocence or suffer consequences of the laws of Atlantis.  

  With Atlantis and many hidden worlds at risk, it is up to the Blackbirds-a small group of the Alliances Creed, to save magic from evil.  Gabe, leader of the Blackbirds, protects Emily, who can suddenly hear silent messages sent centuries ago, only strengthens her ties to Atlantis.  But how can a human girl do this?  That is what the Blackbirds would like to know…
Band of Blackbirds -book 2 in the Blackbird Trilogy

Emily Moore’s life will never be the same, especially when you have a magical amulet everyone wants, an enchanted wall to destroy, and follow messages left by her deceased mother.  But Emily is far from alone.  With the magic implement securing alliance known as the Blackbirds, she not only finds their help, but a connection to them she never guessed. 

  Now in Eutopia, Emily’s Receptor abilities strengthen as she tries to find the Black Abyss—the only place to secure her amulet.  What she finds there isn’t what she expected.  There’s more to the amulet than just magic and it’s up to Emily to decide what to do with it. 

  Separated from Gabe, Emily is drawn into Eutopia and the inhabitants there—especially an Outlander that is half beast and half human and sworn to protect Eutopia’s wall.

  With the fate of many worlds in the balance, it is up to Emily to look beyond her own desires, save magic from evil, and do it before it’s too late.   

Alliance of Blackbirds- Book 3 in the Blackbird Trilogy

Emily Moore never thought passion for antique jewelry would reveal a secret past, heritage to a hidden world, and the responsibility of securing a powerful amulet.

With the glass people hot on her heels, Emily protects the amulet containing their stolen magic.  If that isn’t enough, she must decide if she can trust David, her once abusive boyfriend and the only one to help secure the amulet.

Along with Gabe and the Blackbirds, Emily searches for the fabled Pandora’s Lock—the only way to contain the glass people.  Seeking the Alfheim’s and a renegade pirate’s wisdom, the Blackbirds discover Pandora’s Lock is something constructed—a portal, but something must lure them to their prison—bait—Emily’s amulet and a guiding light—David who was poisoned by his father and on the verge of transforming into a glass person.

With Eutopia’s Wall nearly complete, Atlantis on the threshold of destruction, Emily holds everything on a slender chain—including bringing her mother back from the grasp of the glass people.  In the end, Emily is faced with one final choice…live in the Eutopia—the world she came from, or Atlantis—the world she come to love.
Blackbird Trilogy  The complete trilogy in one book!
Paperback copies only.

When fifteen-year-old Emily Moore buys a necklace at a thrift store, she never expected that it would change her life...forever.  Emily soon discovers her connection to the fabled world of Atlantis and nothing will ever be the same.
This paperback copy only contains all three novels in the trilogy!
Gathering of Blackbirds
Band of Blackbirds
Alliance of Blackbirds
Don't let the adventure stop until the end!

The Librarian's Daughter  The Story of Abi VanHaven

Not All Books Were Meant To Be Checked Out…
Magic scepters, enchanted wands, and poisoned darts aren’t usual implements used by librarians—unless you’re in charge of imprisoning bad wizards, renegade sorceresses and evil magicians into books that aren’t ordinary books.  Keeping order among the enchanted community isn’t what nineteen-year-old Abi VanHaven had in mind of a career.
Finding out your mother was a librarian isn’t earth shattering. At least that’s what Abi thought. Everything changed when Abi received a letter from her mother that died before she had any memory of her. What was to end with her mother has now spilled into Abi’s life.
Now hunted by Victoria-a once librarian turned evil sorceress, Abi must find and secure a powerful scepter her mother took from Victoria.  Abi isn’t alone on her quest. With the help of two eccentric witches, a drop-dead-gorgeous siren, a misunderstood gnome and the guardians—an organization devoted to protecting libraries that hold incarcerated criminals, Abi finds herself between good and evil and also the blurred edges between friendship and love.  

The Librarian's Daughter The Story of Sage Greene

 When Sage Greene turned the tender age of six, she found out who she was, at thirteen she learned what was expected of her, and at eighteen, she rebelled. Considered royalty among special organizations of librarians that contain the convicted supernatural in books designed as prisons, Sage has a legacy to uphold, take pride in, and pass down to another generation. Coming from a long line of word binders—librarians that imprison enchanted criminals into books by spells, Sage wants to escape into a book herself.
Finding a way to vent her promise of a secure, but monotonous future, Sage decides to secretly enroll in a martial arts class designed for guardians who protect libraries housing the prison-books secretly kept in normal libraries.
Sage’s desire for adventure comes unexpectedly at the annual Ball where high society librarians make their first debut. Along with all the gown-wearing girls, is something else being displayed. The Fan of Change-a fan crafted to change anyone’s appearance in the matter of a flick, and also, the newly acquired item to the guardians’ collection of magical implements.
And with such a prize, comes temptation of thieves.
When a heist unfolds to steal the Fan, sage puts her two months’ worth of training to use only to be captured. A world she never knew opens when she’s rescued by a vigilante guardian. What she thought was always right in the way of guardians and librarians, swiftly turns sour. Sage is left with a decision that will not only affect her life, but librarians and guardians everywhere.

People of Fae- Book 1 in the Fae Trilogy

Lyssa  never thought much about other worlds, magic or even the possibility of either one existing, until, her world along with a hidden past crashed into her quiet life.  Avoiding the spotlight for  seventeen-year-old Lyssa Cleverthorn is next to impossible now that she has the Everspell—the one thing everyone wants that she wishes to get rid of…or maybe keep.

Toby has it all—a beautiful girlfriend, friends, family…but something’s missing or more liked changed.  He’s drawn to Lyssa, the girl he never noticed before, in a way he can’t explain, but, then again he never thought too much about spells and Banshees as girlfriends either.  Plagued with dreams and visions of Lyssa, Toby Winslett soon finds himself risking his life to be with her, to save her from danger.   But that’s just the beginning to a past never meant to be unearthed.
Eli never dreamed he’d end up in a prison in Avalon alongside the villains he’d put there as a sentry of the Fae world and he never thought the one true love he ever had would betray him in ways unimaginable.  It isn’t until he finds the Everspell, the one thing to save Avalon, would open a world he never knew and the family he longed for.

Children of Fae- Book 2 in the Fae Trilogy

Lyssa Cleverthorn never thought she had ties to a hidden world filled with magic, spells and mythical creatures never heard of, and no matter how she tries to push it away, the Fae world beckons.  With the Everspell inside her, Lyssa is forced back to the Fae world she tried to forget.

Wesley Pendleton was the best Rebel the Arrinia Forest had to offer, and with the Muse brothers gone, Avalon is safe and the Rebels free.  Displaced, Wes finds himself in Avalon as a Palace Sentry.  Avalon, a tourist attraction, is far from the dangers of the Arrinia Forest he craved to challenge.  But everything changes when he discovers his mysterious past and claims to an ancient city long forgotten.
Lizzi Stokes wants to be a clothing designer at the well-known Vine in Avalon.  Earning a scholarship, Lizzi unexpectedly finds herself under the supervision of a demon-designer.  Compelled by him, he helps with her crippling premonitions, charms her, and makes Lizzi forget the Etherling that stole her heart.
Megan Mourhill is a Banshee Princess with a chip on her shoulder and a desire to be with the Etherling she fell in love with.  The more she tries to escape, the more Megan is pulled back into the Fae world and realizes her importance to a world she wishes to abandon.
With the Fae world slowly crumbling, anyone can have power.  To save or destroy it will depend on them.

Jinxed- Book 1 in the Jinxed Trilogy

Sixteen-year-old Eliza Thorn was never supposed to see the people with the white eyes like marbles, hear whispers in the dark and have knowledge of a hidden world.  And she wouldn’t, if Eliza wasn’t good at stealing.

When Eliza fails to return the jeweled pin from the obviously too-rich-for-her-own-good lady accidently drops, everything changes.  Now she sees white-haired, white-eyed people walking among oblivious humans.  Realizing she’s the only one who can see them, Eliza thinks she’s hallucinating and on the verge of insanity when one of the white-eyed people saves her from a demon.  This is her first encounter with the glass people—who’ve lived here undetected for hundreds of years.

What Eliza didn’t know was that the pin was an initiation coin never meant for her.  Now, she’s bound to serve not only the guardians who made the coin, but also to a demon, gorgon, and the glass people who’d put their mark on it.  The only way out is to kill those she’s bound to, but they also hold the key to Eliza’s past—a past involving things she never knew.

With worlds colliding, Eliza is a pawn in their game, and she may have the power to decide the outcome. 


One is an outlaw, one a nanny, one a diva, and one a farmer’s wife, but they have one thing in common—they are sirens.

Hanna is blacklisted by the enchanted-community-enforcers called guardians.  She wants normalcy in her life, and that opportunity comes in an invitation to a party.

Beannca is beautiful and has the social status needed to fit into the guardians’ way of life, and that all crumbles when she’s framed for murder.

Sophie loves being a librarian’s nanny for a young girl, but that changes when Sophie finds out sirens aren’t desirable employees. 

Mae lives in the middle of nowhere with her husband Nolan-a once guardian.  Their lives are quiet peaceful…except she can’t complete the family they have made together.  Mae’s curse to nearly perfect life—she’s a siren.   
Hanna, Beannca, Sophie, and Mae discover together what it really means to be a siren through a wizard with a life changing offer.  The chance to change their lives, and live as their ancestors once did is within their reach, but that opportunity comes at a price—one they may not be willing to pay. 
Dancing With Monsters
April Snow was an outcast, an outsider, and lived exiled from society since she was a little girl. Given up by her mother, she never knew why or what had made her mother do such a thing, and then the darkness came.  Without knowledge of what followed her, April escapes the confining walls of an asylum and into the arms of a monster—a real monster.  There she finds unexpected comfort and answers to a past she never had questions for.  A hidden world explodes before her, and it’s up to April in the end to bring peace to a world she barely knows.

        Seth Fairstone knew he came from a line of respected monsters in Iethia—the realm of monsters.  Given a crucial task by his uncle, Seth must find the source of a serum being manufactured to turn humans into monsters.  He soon discovers who is responsible for the serum making, but it’s too late—demons have used it, and where it failed on humans, strengthens demons. Seth must find a way to save Iethia along with many worlds from the demons that not only want out of their shadow existence, but revenge as well.
       Soon April’s and Seth’s world collide, and together, with the unexpected help of one demon, they will join forces and change the world of monsters forever.

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