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Book Bling Giveaway!

I started writing because I wanted to since I was in thirteen.  It’s my hobby, and I enjoy it, but like everyone who has a hobby—you learn as you go.  Recently, I was searching the internet for advice for indie authors, I learned a little, but found out I have done many things wrong (according to the internet:)) I should have been blogging way before I even decided to write to build my audience and exposure, be a part of fan fiction groups, online writing groups, find a good editor (this costs lots of $)and the list goes on, and I haven’t done any of that.  I started a blog about a year after I published my first book and I’m not part of any groups and I don’t bug many people by advertising my novels by email and whatnot.  I probably should, and this is all good advice, but I write because like so many things we do to escape the mundane, or in my case, I just want to escape housework and take a mini vacation into the worlds I create. So, for all of you have done things wrong, went off course, jumped in before testing the waters and had fun anyhow, this giveaway is for you!
I’ve enjoy and learned from writing and I’m having a giveaway to celebrate!
Be the first to email me and you’re the winner—it’s that simple!!!!

Must live in the US and be the first to email me! 
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Fans of my Fae Trilogy look here!

Did you enjoy reading People of Fae and would love to be one of the first to read the second installment Children of Fae?  Be the first to email me and when I have it done, I'll email you a copy for your e-reader!  I will be giving away 3 copies, and it's a first-come-first-serve basis.  I hope to have it out in the fall sometime if all goes well.  The three lucky winners will receive their copies a month before publication for downloadable copies(Amazon, B&N, and Smashwords)  Hard copies may be available slightly before the month end.  So, be the first of 3 to email me at gavilletmm@gmail.com to get your copy!!!!

And...Cover for Children of Fae!!! (Still under construction) :)

Sunday Sampler Children of Fae Chapter 5 excerpt

Children of Fae is going along well and hope to have it out in the autumn.  In the meantime, here's a sample of Chapter 5. Enjoy!


Chapter Five


“Lizzi!”  Wes yelled as he cradled her head and looked at her swollen eye. 
“She’s caught in a premonition, and I can help her if you let me go.”  Zaki said, sitting as if he was an invited guest relaxing on the couch.
“You are a demon, I can see that now, and you’re not touching her.  You’ll be going to prison.”
Wes couldn’t explain how he knew, but he saw it in Zaki’s eyes as if he had looked at his soul.  And he wasn’t sure how to control a demon or what he was capable of.  There weren’t very many of them as they lived in the shadows between the worlds.
“No, I won’t, noble creature.  I have amnesty here in Avalon, and to correct you, I’m only part demon, my mother was from Shangri-La.  But I must say, I’m impressed with your perception because not many can come to that conclusion.  Being a Nerabethian must allow you to sense such things.”  Zaki smiled, and then held out the silver cuffs in front of him.  “Well, being part demon has its perks, but I’m not here to commit demonish crimes and whatnot.  I have a much bigger plan that involves the Etherworld, Izzet and the Everspell that is still very much alive and in the game.”
Wes snatched the cuffs from Zaki as he sat passively on the couch with hands folded in front of him.
“What are you, working for Izzet?”
Lizzi made a whimper as he glanced at her and then quickly back at Zaki.  Wes wished Deravon or even Eli was here, and thought they would be to help him with this half-demon.
“She has the answers we need, but her premonitions have no guidance.  I can help her.”  Zaki kept his dark eyes on him.  “I know you don’t know me enough to trust me, but if I wanted to do something, I would’ve done it by now.  And besides, Lizzi’s premonitions will get worse and I don’t know if you know this, but they will kill her before she even gets a grey hair on her head.”  Zaki’s eyes glanced at Lizzi lying on the floor with a pillow under her head.  “Let me help her, Wes, I’m asking.”
Wes knew Lizzi’s premonitions and scrying took a lot out of her, and even though Zoey never let the words pass through her lips, death would come to her.  Wes always thought Lizzi’s premonitions and scrying were magical abilities, not a disease that slowly took your life away.
Suddenly, Lizzi sat up with her eyes open and blankly staring in front of her.  Before Wes could get to her, Zaki jumped off the couch and knelt in front of her.
“Can you see me, Lizzi?”  He asked searching her eyes with his.
Her mouth trembled and she looked around the room as if she was searching for something in her darkness.  Wes stood behind Zaki, and knew he should stop him, but he felt a sudden sense of trust, and knew he wouldn’t hurt Lizzi.
“Wes?”  Lizzi questioned.
“He’s with me, follow my voice.”  Zaki gently commanded.  “Lizzi,” he prompted.
“I can hear you, but it’s dark…the premonition isn’t letting me out.”  Her face swelled with fear and voice fluttered with panic.  “Wes!”  She yelled.
“Lizzi, listen to me, it’s Zaki, and I can guide you, but you have to let me in.”
“How?” she cried.
Gently, Zaki ran his hands over each side of her face and cradled her cheeks.  Lizzi’s paleness contrasted with Zaki’s tanned skin as he held her gaze.  Lizzi’s eyes slowly found Zaki’s and her lips curled into a comforting smile.
“I see you,” she said, with relief.
“Good, but the premonition isn’t done with you.”  Zaki kept his eyes focused on her.  “Let the veil fall and the darkness will fade.”  His eyes widened.
Wes stood beside them, watching them stare into each other’s eyes as if they were two opponents readying to fight.  But instead of intimidating looks, it was as if Zacki was the encouraging teacher and Lizzi the fearful student.  No one had ever helped Lizzi with her premonitions, and Merlin always brushed them off as if it was a growing phase she was going through.  Zoey, he felt, knew different, and was the one who got her to use the scrying bowl as well as try to find her someone who could teach her how to handle her premonitions.  That never happened.  Zoey was taken away before she could or have the time to locate someone to teach Lizzi.  Maybe, Wes watched them as if silent words were being spoken, maybe Zaki was that teacher.
Wes couldn’t explain his willingness to let Zaki, a complete stranger and part demon, help Lizzi.  It was as if a voice, wise and older than time itself, had spoken to him.  He glanced down at his boots and at the two obedient-looking serpents that sat frozen waiting for a command.  Before he felt lost, now he felt a road had suddenly opened in front of him.
“A Queen will rise from the ash of a lost city reborn with the light of the descendant.  Strength will be her weapon and compassion she will rule by.”  Lizzi suddenly blurted out.
“What’s her name?”  Zack asked as Lizzi shook her head.  “Lizzi, her name,” he asked forcefully.
Her face curled with pain as she started to whimper.  Zaki held onto her face tighter trying to maintain his stare.
“You must fill in the pieces you know…tell them to me, my little gem.”  Zaki’s voice lowered and softened as Lizzi calmed.
“I see no name…no face… no idea of where she came.  She will come sudden.  It will not only be a surprise for us, but for her as well.  An army must surround her or she will crumble and turn to ash like the lost city.”
Zaki made a grumbling sound.  “There are many lost cities littering Fae—which one is it?”  Zaki pressed.
“No more,” she said.
“You can control it, Lizzi.  You have the power, not the premonition…the information is there…the future is in here.”  He shook her head as Lizzi let out a scream.
“Stop!”  Wes yelled, but was thrown backwards and to the floor by an invisible field.
He got up and was tossed to the ground again as Zaki held Lizzi’s head between his hands as she tilted her head back and let out a scream.
“What in all of Fae is going on here?”  Eli, who was joined by Deravon, came in.
Eli snatched Wes by the collar and pulled him to his feet.  He smiled at Eli, and never felt so relieved to see him.
“Oh, Wes, Wesley Pendleton, I never thought you’d be in the company of—” Deravon casually walked over toward Lizzi and Zaki.  “A demon?” he said, surprised as he pulled him away from Lizzi.
Zaki’s eyes looked like two black, crescent moons.
“I can explain, sir.”  Zaki’s voice was calm as if he had been caught doing this before.
“No, I don’t think you can.”  Deravon extended his arm towards Zaki with a flat palm.  Suddenly Zaki was pushed to the floor as if someone had a hold of his arms and legs and pinned them there with invisible straps.
Wes looked at Deravon who smiled as he glanced between Zaki, Wes and Eli.
“It helps to know a few wizards of questionable character and in need of fueling a gambling habit.”  He chuckled as Zaki tried to free himself.  “But Wes, an explanation is needed for this or maybe I should have been a little clearer on apartment guests.”  He tapped his chin with his long finger as he stood beside Zaki glaring up at him.
“Who are you?”  Zaki demanded.
“It’s my apartment and I demand to know who you are.”  Deravon crossed his arms and gazed down at him.
“My name is Zaki Ravenstone, and I’m Lizzi’s employer at Vine—she’s one of my new students.”
Deravon raised his eyebrows and glanced at Eli.  “A demon is a designer at Vine—I don’t think so.”
“He’s the crowned prince of Shangri-La, and he was helping me—he helped me.”  Lizzi stood up and set her eyes on Wes.  “Wes, he helped me—I can see things differently.  I have control over my premonitions…”
“A demon as a designer at Vine who helped Lizzi with her premonitions,” Deravon said, in a pondering tone.
“It’s a trick,” Eli said, still holding onto Wes’s collar.  “What kind of demon works or even cares about what Faes wear?  It’s a trick—let’s get rid of him, Deravon.”  Eli suggested with a raise of his eyebrows.
“No, he’s too curious of a creature, because I don’t think he’s a full demon, especially being a prince of Shangri-La—that world has its stories.”  He chuckled.  “Otherwise, my little containment system wouldn’t work.”
“The Graces told me that he’d be our guide.  He has given himself to them, and he honors them.”  Lizzi set her eyes on Zaki as she stepped towards him.  “Zoey told me the Everspell is the only thing that will end the Muses’ hold on Avalon.  Izzet has a will of her own, but that will is tainted by Orzan.”
Glances were exchanged between Wes, Eli and Deavon.  Lizzi had talked to Zoey, and the Everspell unknowingly was contained within Lyssa. How could Merlin have not had seen that? 
“We have to get to Lyssa, we need a portal.”  Wes said his thought aloud.
“But Orzan has an army in both worlds.”  Lizzi continued as her eyes shifted to Wes, welling with tears.  “I’ve seen him standing on the dead of Avalon, rejoicing victory over the lesser races.  An old ruler will surface and battle the Queen…our laws will crumble and new poisonous ones will be written in the dead’s blood.”  She stepped closer to Wes.  “I know who the destroyer is.”
His eyes searched hers as a single crystal tear rolled down her bruised cheek.
“Toby Winslett—the one who I gave my heart to, and took it to the Etherworld will be the fall of Avalon and the rise of a new one.”


Toby sat on his bed in his bedroom and stared down at his deformed mark.  Jagged with irregular lines, it didn’t look like the one that sat in the middle of Lyssa’s palm.  It was as if she had caught a delicate, arrow-shaped leaf in her hand and if fossilized there.  It wasn’t beautiful like Lyssa’s.  For the first time he felt like an outcast.  And really, he was.  Zoey told him he was a changeling, but really what did that mean?
A clash of thunder suddenly rumbled through his room and shook the windows in the house.  A storm was coming, and Toby wasn’t sure if he was ready for it.
Since he, along with Lyssa and Craig had returned from Avalon, he felt his entire world had turned upside down.  It has been a month, and even though Merlin had put a spell on Craig to forget everything that he saw or had happened to him, it didn’t work on Lyssa or him.  Told to not speak of Avalon to anyone, Lyssa and Toby promised.
But that promise was getting harder and harder to keep as the voices in his head grew in strength.  His desire to find out where he had come from, tugged in his insides and the questions he had for him mom, sat ever so close on the tip of his tongue that he knew it was only a matter of time before he asked her.
Lizzi, just the thought of her child-like innocence and laughter, made Toby smile.  She had shown him who he was at the oracle she had taken him to.  He was the son of a powerful Fae, and his mother knew who he was. 
Toby sat up as flashes of lightning pierced the fading light in his room.  He ran his finger over his mark that flickered like sunlight on water.  Toby had to know, he had to know his past before it drove him insane.

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Free Downloads of The Librarians Daughter!

Free Downloads of The Librarian's Daughter The Story of Abi VanHaven on Smashwords and soon on B&N!

Sunday Sampler Children of Fae Chapter 4 excerpt

Still moving along with Children of Fae.  Enjoy a sample of Chapter 4!


“So, what brought you to this street exactly?”  Todd asked walking beside Megan as Mimir walked behind them like a looming shadow.
With curious eyes watching them go by, Megan shoved her hands into her pockets.  Duegar District was much more nonthreatening in the daytime rather than at night, though not any cleaner. 
Megan really didn’t want to do an interview, but she was caught in a web, and this was her only way out.  They were going to see if they could find the girl she had given her cloat to, take pictures of the reuniting, and answer a few questions.  Megan had no choice but to satisfy this reporter and give him what he wanted.  He had incriminating pictures of her, as her mother told her many times, and this was her only way to solve the problem she created. 
“I knew families lived in this area and that’s where I decided to start—with the children and families.  I wanted to reach out to them in a personal way.”  Megan didn’t know where her answer came from, but it sounded genuine as she couldn’t say she was seeking a seer’s advice and the little girl was a mere coincidence.
“So you came in the cover of darkness and alone?”  Todd questioned as they turned the corner to the shack-lined, dirt road scattered with bits of trash.  “That’s kind of dangerous, isn’t it?”
Megan stopped and looked as his quizzical eyes.  His eyebrows raised and a slight smile erupted from his lips.  He was trying to get her to say why she was really here, because he suspected that she wasn’t here to give away her cloat.  If only she brought a vial of potion to put a spell on this annoying reporter.
“First of all, I have other engagements during the day and my mother would never let me risk my safety coming here, but something in my heart desired to do something for these people—especially the children. To come here announced would only draw the wrong attention. Darkness would be a way to blend in and hide.  In this area are mostly families, and that’s…”
Todd pulled from his satchel a picture and shoved it in Megan’s face.  It was a photo of her conjuring the wind to get rid of the Faes that tried to attack her when she first came to Duegar District to find the seer.  She studied it for a moment, almost admiring the strength she had over the crowd.  They were at her mercy, and she looked good doing it.
Todd lowered the picture as the smile Megan didn’t know she had on her face, faded.  “Nice picture,” she said with a tilt of her head.
“Kind of contrasting with this one.”  He held up the one with the little girl.
Megan felt a pang of something she never felt before.  Was it something in the girl’s eyes or the way Megan was smiling at the girl that spark something she had never experienced before?  Megan wanted to go see the girl again, and other children like her.
Before she could respond, Mimir grabbed both of the photos and tore them to shreds.
Todd looked at Mimir unaffected by the destruction of the two photos.  “Do you think that’s the only one I have?”
“No, and I’ll be visiting you to get the rest, and if I see them again, I’ll break more than your camera.”  Mimir warned.
“No you won’t, Mimir,” Megan said, with her eyes on Todd.  “There will be no need.”  Megan had no spells with her, and she knew her mother on occasion could summon a spell using the elements surrounding her.
Megan kept her eyes focused on Todd, pulled the air surrounding her close to them, and concentrated on what she wanted. 
“You will let this go…speak no more of me in Duegar District…destroy any evidence you have.”
Todd, like all the others she had placed spells on, had a blank expression.  Megan smiled and giggled inwardly as she had conjured a spell without a potion.
“It won’t work, Banshee.”  Todd’s expressionless face curled into a gleeful smile.  “Now, tell me why you sought out a seer.”
Megan kept her eyes steady on him.  He wanted to know, she’d tell him and then she would invite him back to her mother’s mansion in Sidhe Hills where she’d put a spell on him so strong, he’d forget he was a reporter.
Mimir stepped closer to him, tower over him and intimidating him with a smack of his thick fist into his hand.  Megan put her delicate hand over his and glared at Mimir.
“There’s no need for any hostility.  You want a story, I’ll give you one, and…”
“Princess!”  A tiny voice erupted from behind Megan.
The girl from the other night came up to Megan wearing the cloat she gave her.
“I never got to thank you.”  She peered up at Megan with large, brown eyes.
Everything melted around her, and all she could focus on was the little girl who smiled from ear to ear.  “Thank you.”
“You’re welcome.”  Megan replied.
“Did you find Odella?”  She asked.
Megan’s eyes slid to Todd as he clicked a picture with a new camera Megan had to purchase out of her own money for him.
“Yes, I did.”  She replied awkwardly.  “How do you like your cloat.”  She changed the subject quickly.
The girl tilted her head to the side and gave her a crooked smile.  “You know, I don’t know what your name is other than you told me you’re a princess.  My name is Sisley Waters.”
“You’re right, we haven’t been properly introduced.  “My name is Casperinia Mourhill.”
“Humm, and you’re a princess?”  She asked skeptically.  “I don’t know any princesses by that name.  I mean you look like one—kind of, I guess, but there isn’t any by that name mentioned in the papers we get.”
How many princesses does this little street urchin know anyhow?  She lives in Duegar District, and how many princesses come here giving away expensive coats?  Megan felt her insides turn with slight anger and embarrassment.
“You might know her by Megan Mourhill, the Banshee princess of Ayabell.”  Todd gazed down at Sisley.
She nodded her head and started to say something as she looked at Megan.  “No, I don’t.  I know Princess Nessa of the Mers, Princess Annika of the Asri, Princess Violet of the Spriggians, she’s my favorite,” she shrugged her shoulders and wrinkled her nose as she smiled widely. 
Megan tried to keep a neutral face and appear interested at what Sisley had to say as Todd kept taking pictures, but really, Princess Violet of the Sprigginas!  They turn themselves into plants and flowers at any sign of trouble to avoid conflict.  What kind of princess is that?!  Megan wanted to yell at the girl as she felt she was only being made a fool.  But Megan was a princess, and princesses had to have composure, understanding, and always be respectful. This was engrained in her, and besides, if Megan did anything else to upset her mother, she’d be sent back to Ayabell this afternoon.
“But you are the first to come to Duegar District.”  Sisley looked up at Megan with eyes suddenly filled with a mix of joy, surprise, and love.  The girl’s giddy personality melted and looked as though she could cry.  “I’ve looked at hundreds, no maybe thousands of pictures of princesses from all over Fae, and all of them go everywhere but here.”  Her voice was filled sorrow as if she had a birthday party and not one invited guest had come.  “You are the first to ever come here.”  She took off Megan’s cloat.  “This belongs to you, I can’t keep it.”
Megan looked at her cloat wanting to take it, but she couldn’t.  She could get another on, but this girl had nothing. 
“No, you helped me, and that’s your payment.  A princess always pays for services rendered.”  Megan took the cloat and wrapped it around the girl.  “Besides, it looks prettier on you.”
The girl smiled as Megan knelt in front of her, tears welling in Sisley’s, and before one could roll down her rosy cheek, she ran off between the houses of Duegar District.

“Thank you for inviting me for a cup of coffee,” Todd said, sipping the last of his drink.  “I’ve never been here.”
His gold-brown eyes scanned the coffee shops brick walls, large windows, and tall ceilings of stamped copper panels.  It mimicked the Etherworlder’s coffee shops, and Megan knew this place well as she did a report on it for one of her classes she had to take by her mother’s request before they went to live in the Etherworld.
“Why is that?”  Megan felt intrigued to ask as she took a final sip of her coffee.
“Well,” he said with a grin.  “It’s over-priced for one thing, and…I don’t know,” he shrugged his shoulders as he gazed again at the d├ęcor.  “It’s not for everyone, I guess.”
Megan smiled even though her insides churned.  She did the interview with him, and invited him for coffee and she even paid for it!  Todd Weatherstone was an ungrateful, arrogant…
“I thought want you did for that little girl very inspiring, and I want to make it one of our cover stories.”
“That’s very kind of you.”  Megan replied with a standard princess-answer.  Inside, she could care less if the pictures or story made it into any magazine.
“You are a very unique Banshee, Megan Mourhill.”  Suddenly, he reached for her hand and curled his fingers around hers.
Megan drew in a deep breath, and felt uncomfortable at Todd’s sudden gesture.  She wanted to jerk her hand away, and yell at him for doing such a thing to a princess.  You don’t touch them without consent, and if Mimir was in here like he wanted to be instead of standing obediently outside like a watchdog on a leash, he’d probably cut Todd’s fingers off with the over-priced, tall spoon Megan had in her coffee cup.
“I know you lived in the Etherworld for a short time, and have a boyfriend there that you desperately want to see.  I also know you sought the advice of a seer that night you gave your cloat to that little girl.  Seers seldom just give their advice so willingly.  Odella saw something in you that no one can see, but me.”  Todd leaned back in the metal chair as the coffee shop became busy with the afternoon rush of Faes taking a break from shopping.
Megan looked at them and thought of the Faes in Duegar District.  They were so close in distance, but millions of miles away in every other aspect.  Megan felt she never did fit in with the other rich Fae here.  Their minds, thoughts and desires ended at the roads, sidewalks and pathways that stopped at the pristine ground that led to everything ugly and dirty. 
“And what do you see, Todd Weatherstone?”  Megan slid her curious eyes towards him as she tilted her head to the side.
“I see a girl with the potential to be a Queen.”