Friday, February 27, 2015

Sunday Sampler Children Of Fae Chapter 1 excerpt

I feel like a kid that just got their training wheels off and things are going pretty good!  I'm getting close to getting Dances With Monsters finished & I just started Chapter 1 of Children Of Fae the second installment of my Fae Trilogy.  For now, here's the first part of Chapter 1 of Children of Fae. Enjoy & have a great weekend!

Chapter One


It was the fifth knife that Wes had thrown without success towards the bull’s-eye target.  He normally had no trouble, and often would go outside to “practice” and impress the girls at the same time.  That had all changed, and he was glad that on this drizzly day he had no audience. 
Orzan was gone, he and Lyssa had killed him with the Everspell that was inside Lyssa and he had helped her do that.  Orzan had ruled the Fae world with fear and controlled the darker side of Avalon, but the Rebels had destroyed that, and a new order was taking place. The world of Fae was changing, but Wes wasn’t changing with it. 
“Wes!”  Lizzi’s voice rang through the mist that had turned to a steady drizzle.  “Elijah made chicken and potatoes.  Hurry up or there won’t be any left!”
“Coming!” he replied as he pried loose the last of knives from his failed attempts to hit the target.  His mind was elsewhere, and he couldn’t get over the thought of Lyssa.
She was different, but of course she was different to him, he had read her diary.  He didn’t know that’s what it was, until it was too late.
He couldn’t help but smile remembering the look on her face when she found out—if only she knew what he was really thinking.  She was an amazing person that did amazing things in a world she didn’t know she belonged to.  Wes wasn’t sure if he could be as brave as she was.  She loved her father very much, and that’s what drove her to do what she did.  Wes never had the chance to know his family because they along with his village, was destroyed by Drakes—the fire people.
“If you get sick, don’t blame me,” Lizzi said uncovering a plate of chicken and potatoes mixed with carrots.  “I’m not taking care of you if you do, and you are packing your own things,” Lizzi sat across from him with a plate of chocolate cookies in front of her.
Wes shoved in a spoonful of potatoes into his mouth.  They had an even amount of butter and salt on them that were delicious.  Elijah could take the simplest of ingredients and make them spectacular.
“I don’t have many things.”  Wes began to cut up his chicken as he felt Lizzi’s eyes on him.
“I can’t believe you didn’t go to the Ivory Shore where all the girls went.”  Lizzi munched on a cookie.
When Orzan’s power dissolved, the Rebels came out of their hiding and for their brave efforts were given the luxury of making a future for themselves.  Some went to schools, other realms, or joined the sentryship.  Sentries were the guardians of the Fae world.  Their duties were centuries old, but still remained the same.
“I can’t believe you ate all of those cookies,” Wes put his fork down and let out a satisfying belch. 
“Yeah, well, they were good.”  Lizzi got up and took my plate and headed towards the kitchen.
He held his glass and stared into the fire.
“Honestly, Wes,” Lizzi said as she stopped in the blackened doorway.  “We are the last ones to be here, and I’m leaving in a week for Avalon.  I’m going to be a clothing designer and one day work at Vine, and,” she looked at me with her sympathetic eyes.  “We have to move on—all of us.  The Rebels are no more.”

Wes went to bed that night with Lizzi’s words echoing in his head.  The Rebels were gone because the threat of Orzan was gone, but what was he going to do now?  He had never thought beyond that, and now he had to.  For a moment, Wes wished that the threat of Orzan still plagued them—at least he knew what he had to do.  It was simple: fight, practice fighting, and make a strong resistance.  Wes thrived on being assigned missions that were dangerous and impressing the rest of the Faes with the marvels of his actions.  But that audience was gone, and he stood in an empty theater.  Lizzi stayed as long as she did for him, and he couldn’t postpone her plans anymore.  He had to make a decision to not only give him a direction, but to give Lizzi peace of mind. 

“Deravon said you can join him at the palace as a sentry there.”  Elijah suggested as he put pots and pans carefully into wood crates.  “He said you could stay with him in his apartment for a while until you found something.”
“A mock sentry?”  He questioned with raised eyebrows.  “I’ve been a Rebel for three years, and now you’re suggesting that I guard a palace that harmless tourists visit by the thousands every year?”  He flicked at a crumb on the table shooting it through the air to the floor.
“It’s not just keeping tourists in order, it’s an honor to keep a tradition living and breathing in our world,” Elijah was a giant, but with his rounded features and gentle mannerisms, he was a likeable one.  “Look at me,” he said with opened arms and a smile.  “I’m going to be a pastry chef.  Now, there’s a miracle.  I’ll be the only giant in the school, and I plan on opening my own shop one day.”
I smiled.  “You’ll be a good one, Elijah,”
He nailed the lid to the crate that contained his precious pots and pans, and then handed the hammer back to me.  “You my young Fae have a world of opportunities waiting for you.  You have to let the past go and move on, and the way I see it,” he said picking up the crate that would take two strong Fae to carry, “Not only do many tourist visit the palace every year, but there are many young, lovely female Faes included in that bunch.  Trust me, ladies love to be entertained by heroes,” he said with a wink.
Just on that alone would have encouraged him to be a mock sentry.  But something had changed, something he never wanted to had. 

Wes stood in the training yard where all the young Rebels would perfect their abilities.  He closed his eyes and remembered the day Lyssa had spotted him there through the crowd of onlookers.  He was using a sword—his favorite weapon. He knew she hadn’t planned on seeing him, but she did, and he took the advantage to impress her.  But Lyssa wasn’t impressed.  Of course she wasn’t, because she wasn’t like the other Fae girls Wes usually went for.  Lyssa was different, and that different confused and intrigued him at the same time. 
A sudden breeze rushed past him as water fell from the leaves of the trees it had clung to.  Wes opened his eyes to a bright, flickering light through the thick vegetation.  It was just about summer and the forest was at its fullest.  The light traveled quickly and fluidly around and under tree limbs until it faded and someone stood among the foliage staring at him.
Wes stood frozen in awe at the delicate looking woman with long, red-gold hair.  “Zoey?”  He questioned her appearance.
She smiled.  “Wes, it’s me, and we are in danger.”

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Midweek Mayhem cover for Children of Fae-maybe

As Dancing With Monsters is getting ever so close to being finished, I plan to start on Betwixt ( 2nd installment of the Jinxed Trilogy) & on the second installment of The Fae Trilogy.  It is titled Children of Fae, and it will continue where People of Fae ended except I will write from three different character's POV.  They will be: Wes, Megan and Lizzi.  Questions from the first book will be answered in Children of Fae, but only through those three characters.  I will see how writing goes, and as always check my blog for sample chapters! 
Cover for Children of Fae-???? Not sure yet.  This may change.  Let me me know what you think:)

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Sunday Sampler Dancing With Monsters Chapter 7

Things are moving along again with Dancing With Monsters.  Here's a sample of Chapter 7.  Enjoy!



“Yolanda was to take Ben and me to sanctuary,” I said looking at Ayil, but everyone had their eyes on me.  “She is probably looking for us right now, and I know we can trust her.”
“How do you know we can trust her?”  Seth asked with his golden eyes on me. 
I let out a sigh and let my eyes slip their gaze from him to the floor.  I knew they thought I was weak and just used as a pawn, plaything, or victim, but I wasn’t.  I had been a part of their world since I was little, only now I know what the darkness was and how to fight it.
“She doesn’t know, she doesn’t understand what’s going on here, and we can’t possible go by what she says.”  Malachi waved his hand at me as he looked at Seth, Ayil and Nessa.
“I know more than you give me credit for.”  I lifted my eyes like two darts towards Malachi.  He smiled at me.
“No, spell-struck, you don’t.  Have you ever been to Iethia, battled demons—before the incident with Eveie—or even know the slightest thing about monsters other than your hexmark emits an enormous amount of light?”
My gaze was steadily fixed on Malachi.  “The darkness has followed me since I can remember.  I have fought it off several times all by myself, and managed to keep it at bay for sixteen years.  And,” I stepped closer to Malachi tilting my head to the side, “I did without the knowledge of who I was and what I have.”
“Instincts darling,” Malachi rebutted.  “There is a little thing called instincts.”   
I tightened my lips, clenched my fists, “Instincts…!”
“I’m sure whatever you’ve encountered in the past is nothing compared to what happened at the Ivy Inn.”  Malachi raised his voice over mine.  “Not to mention…”
“Enough!”  Ayil yelled with a slam of her fist on the table that caught everyone’s attention.  “April sit down, and Malachi, keep your mouth shut unless you are contributing important information.  We have demons penetrating this world and inflicted humans as their army invading the Shadowlands.”  She looked at each of us as I sat between Nessa and Seth.  “Many things rest on our shoulders until help arrives.”
“Help, what kind of help?”  Seth asked with concern.
“I’ve called for the assistance of the angels,” Seth started to say something, but Ayil cut him off.  “They are trusted ones that I’ve worked with many times, and we need them.  Once the demons get the serum right, there will be no stopping them.  For right now the demon’s serum isn’t holding up.  The humans are dying quicker than the demons are turning them.”

Monday, February 16, 2015

Sunday Sampler Dancing With Monsters Chapter 6 excerpt

I hope to have Dancing With Monsters released the end of March 2015-that is, if everything goes as planned.  I will also have a hard copy giveaway when I do release it, so keep watching my blog as I will post it here and also on my Amazing Giveaways page. And as always the first one to email me is the winner!  For now, enjoy an excerpt of chapter 6!

 Chapter 6 excerpt


“She said Evie, the innkeeper at the Ivy Inn, was a demon in disguise, and knew that Ben had manufactured the serum.”  I looked down at Ezra as I twirled my fingers through her silky hair.  “April said the ring, her engagement ring, contains the secret ingredient for the serum, but she’s been spell-struck, and anything she tells us may be the truth or it could be fictitious.  Right now, she doesn’t even know what’s true and what isn’t.”
“April’s strong,” she said in a weak voice as she glanced away from me.  “The spell is a strong one, but she’ll quickly overcome that.  Her years of suffering had made her resilient.  I could sense that when I entered her dreams.”  Her eyes flashed back to me.  “That demon bite should have killed her, but instead it changed her into something unique, and…something that could benefit our situation.”
“Benefit…?”  I asked as Ezra began to cough.
I helped her up as she covered her face and fought off the violent coughing spell.  I didn’t want to think it, but Ezra was fading in this world.  The disease that took her life before, had come back.
Finally, she calmed and began to take in deep breaths.
“I won’t be in this world for very much longer,” she said looking me steadily in the eyes.
I grabbed a tissue and wiped the blood from the corner of her mouth—the only color to her.  She was drained of energy and suffering.  It didn’t take any magical ability to see that Ezra was slipping away.
“I can’t go back to the—”
“You’re not,” I snapped.  I got up and paced the floor running my fingers through my hair.  “I’m a monster with archangel abilities.”  I looked at her.  “I can make you better as you once were.”
She shook her head.  “It’s only temporary, and is no life for you,” her withered appearance was a prelude to what was the inevitable.  “You can’t be fixing me every two minutes.”
“I brought you back from the Shadowlands, I can save you, Ezra,” her lips curled into a small smile.
“I love you, Seth, with all my heart, but I had died.  Archangel or no archangel abilities, you can’t bring back the dead and expect them to live among the living.”
I let out a disgruntled sigh. 
“But,” she said lying her head back down.  “There is another way, and April Snow can help.”  Her eyes flickered.  “She has done a Taking before.”
“A Taking?”  I questioned.  “But how is that going to save you?”  I asked knowing some monsters had the ability to consume the life force of others making them stronger.
“April, since she was bit, has been incomplete.  She will never be whole, no matter how much she tries.  The poison from the demon will call her to that side one day, but with what strength I have left…”
“No,” I said.  “I won’t allow it to happen.  There has to be another way.”
“There isn’t, not for us.”

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Midweek Mayhem The Freelance Mermaid

I thought of this idea for another project a few days ago.  I didn't plan on it, and know I have other installments to other novels to finish, but something about it just kept materializing in my head that I had a synopsis(rough one) done within a half an hour and a cover in 2 hours-from scratch!  Things like this normally don't happen to me and sometimes I think there is an over-achieving muse standing behind me overloading my head with ideas.  For now, here is the synopsis to a stand alone novel titled The Freelance Mermaid & cover.

 Synopsis for
The Freelance Mermaid

Eviction notice, reposed car, and a cheating boyfriend was not the happily-ever-after Sabina Greywaters had planned for—especially for the magical life as a mermaid entertainer.  She brought joy to little girls, made parties special, and amazed tourist at underwater show performances.  Sabina was beautiful, and fit the mold of what humans thought a mermaid should look like as well as others not of this world…
Sabina finally got a break when asked to do an impromptu party at sea.  Uncertain about the vague details, she agreed as the money was too tempting to pass up.  Besides, she loved being a mermaid and entertaining for some wealthy person—they might give her a big tip for the extra effort. 
Soon an innocent performance turns into something Sabina never dreamed of.  Used as payment for her boss’s love of other-worldly gambling, a hidden world opens before Sabina, only she isn’t an actual mermaid as promised.  
Taken to the fabled world of Atlantis, she must navigate not only the waters there, but also try to outwit pirates to find her way home, or maybe not…